Formula 1 Lofts

At stock we have the following 5 direct from Mark Gilbert surely the biggest winning loft in the UK this past decade:-

GB12J00472 BCH Hen (The National Hen 472) what a super pigeon being a full sister to 1st open NFC Saintes 3,600 Birds winning by more than 5 mins and another bird which won 1st open L&SECC Alencon 1,200 birds winning the race by over 20 mins and more than 50YPM. The sire is a double grandson of the wonder breeder George sire of Euro Diamond, Minstral etc etc, the dam of The National hen 472 is super daughter of Southfield Supreme winner of 1st International Dax for Mark Gilbert 17,416 birds also 4th LSECC Tours 2001 birds 16th LSECC 2561 birds & 21st BICC National 2690 birds when paired to a brilliant daughter of Euro Diamond who at only 3 years old has bred 1st open International hens Agen 11,444 birds and g.dam of 1st open NFC Saintes and 1st open L&SECC Alencon plus many more top positions.

GB12R32667 BCH Hen (Miss Darkie) It is very hard to get much better long distance bloodlines than this hen she is a Double granddaughter of Southfield Darkie the double National winning cock, winning 1st open BICC Pau and 1si open BBC Messac. he is also half brother to Southfield Pau 1st open BICC Pau and Night Flight 1st Open NFC Saintes. Miss Darkie sire is also a grandchild of Geoff & Catheine Cooper's champion George winner of 1st Open NFC Grand National Tarbes 4,000 Birds.

GB12J00307 BCH Cock (Gilberts Dream) The sire is a son of Super Bordeaux and a daughter of Euro Diamond. Super Bordeaux was gthe winner of 1st International 11,644 birds and sire grandsire to many winners including 3x1st National winners and 2x2nd National winners. The Dam of Gilberts Dream is a top daughter of the wonder pigeon Southfield Supreme a huge winner and has to be one of the best breeders around at the moment.

GB12J00470 BCH Cock (Euro Star) The sire is a direct son of Euro Diamond when paired to a daughter of Mistral. The nest sister of the sire of Euro Star bred 1st open International hens 11,444 birds in 2011. The dam of Euro Star is a direct daughter of Starlight a big winner at the long distance including 2nd open international 12549 birds, 1st reg, 2nd prov Tarbes plus many other positions.

GB12R36216 Dark Cock (The Taster) The best of the Rutz & Son bloodlines the 4 grandparents of this cock make some reading one grandsire won 1st reg 1nd national Barcelona 2010, the other grandsire Angelo is a son of 1st national and 2nd International Barcelona in turn Angelo has bred 4th National Barcelona, 13th National San Sebastion, 26th National Pau, 50th National Marseille, 58th National Marseille and 1st national ACE pigeon 2008. The G.dam won 4th National Barcelona, 58th National Marseille & 1st ACE pigeon she in turn is from Angelo and the final G.parent of The Taster is very special winning 1st reg and 1st national Barcelona 18th International 2008, 1st reg and 2nd National Barcelona 6th International 2004, 31st reg Dax, 45th reg Barcelona, 45th reg Bordeaux and 92nd National Dax. Not much better long distance blood around.

We also have mutiple children from GB06J40778 BPH (Southfield 78) Bred by Mark Gilbert - when she was paired to different cocks. She is a super special hen the sire is a winner of 1st International Dax for Mark Gilbert 17,416 birds also 4th LSECC Tours 2001 birds 16th LSECC 2561 birds & 21st BICC National 2690 birds when paired to 06T13115 dam to 1st sec 6th open BICC 3000 birds plus many other top results for Mark Gilbert and others 115 is a top daughter of Golden Gaby a winner of 1st National Orleans 12,875 birds 2nd Arras 6124 birds 3rd Nijvel 3553 birds 6th Arras 14,674 birds + 6 other top positions in the top 41with up to 16,500 birds In the last two season Myrtle Lofts have received winning reports of over 40 different winners that are bred down from Golden Gaby when paired to Band of Gold also a winner of 1st Midland national GR etc etc. Hard to find a pigeon with more big winners in its blood. The International hen 778 - herself is a very good breeder being dam of:-

  • 7th Section 10th Open NFC Saintes
  • 7th Section 50th Open BICC National
  • 72nd Section NFC St Malo
  • 3rd Solent Federation Fougeres beaten by 2 loftmates
  • 3x1st Inland winners