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Louis Thijs ...

After looking at the Leo Heremans pigeons and deciding they would be an ideal cross into our Frans Zwols pigeons, we decided to speak with some of our contacts in Belgium and the UK about who had the best of the Leo Heremans pigeons as Leo himself did not have many for sale ahead of his record breaking auction on Pipa. The name which come up a few times was Louis Thijs, so we made arrangements to go and visit and see his pigeons. on seeing the quality of Louis' Leo Hereman based family of pigeons and the amount of winners they were breeding for Louis and others. we put a order in straight away in 2012 but we had to wait until summer 2013 to get the first ones from the pairs we wanted and the second lot in 2014. Louis' pigeons are already winning at the highest levels in the UK a quick look at the weeklies shows in last 2 seasons 1st RPRA 1 loft race, 1st open NFC, 1st  Combine, and many club and fed winners all being Louis Thijs or crosses. For the 2016 breeding season we have 20 direct from Louis Thijs main breeding pigeons at stock. We also have seven direct Leo Heremans. including the wonder breeding 3 Grand Hen.

The 3 grand hen is a full sister to ‘Wonderaske
1e Nat. overall acebird AVE Regina 2001
1e acebird LD Clun Antwerp 2001
1e acebird middle distance Vlaamse duivensalon 2001
1e acebird long distance Vlaams duivensalon 2001
1e Bourges - 1347 p
2e Dourdan - 1866 p
5e prov. Orleans - 10034 p
8e Vie 3621 p
8e Vie 1334 p
14e Nat. Bourges - 42763 p
15e Orleans 10034 p
24e Argenton 6256 p
29e Dou 2051 p
52e Argenton 23493 p
103e Quiverain 1611 p

The sire of The 3 Grand Hen is a super breeding ace he is also a Half brother to ‘Het Chrisje’ 1. Nat. Acebird middle distance young AVE Regina 2002. A half brother to breeder of ‘Samson’ Marina vd Velde 1. Nat. Argenton – 23,419birds Fastest Nat. Argenton – 33,097b. Samson is also Sire & Gsire to many top birds including at least 10 x 1st and 1st 1 loft race Germany and 2nd Euro Ace bird 1 loft race China plus many more top birds. The dam of The 3 grand hen is Goudklompje she is not only Mother to ‘Wonderaske’, but also to wonder breeder ‘Gertje, mother of ‘Tulip’. The 3 grand hen herself is dam, g.dam of at least 9 first prize winners including fed winners and many other positions including 2nd hot spot in the NCC 1 lofts race, another 2015 g.child has won 5th Club out of 352 birds and 2nd Club out of 372 birds & 5th Fed 1,139 birds. in last two seasons since we brought her.

she is also g.dam of 116 who won 5 prize cards from 5 races
8e NPO vs 7160 p
6e Friedersdorf (332 km) vs 2784 p
10e prov. Friedersdorf (332 km) vs 4827 p
13e Burg (207 km) vs 3302 p
28e Magdeburg (186 km) vs 3049 p